Kitty Cat Loft & Cat Stairs Offers Great Value and Features

The Kitty Cat Loft provides a special, comfortable configuration on which your feline(s) can exercise, rest or just hang out.

Fun for Kitties — Great for You
Cats love our cat furniture and our beautiful spiral cat staircase and loft looks fantastic, even alongside chic decor. Our cat stairs provide your cat(s) with healthy climbing opportunities, a scratching outlet (instead of your couch and drapes!) and a fun place to hang out and hide (see penthouse accessory).

The Kitty Cat Loft and cat spiral staircase consumes less than two square feet of floor space! At the actual point of floor contact, It takes up less than four square inches. A vacuum cleaner or broom will easily fit under the tree. Never again will you have to move a bulky cat house to clean your floors. Our cat furniture will leave you plenty of room for that reclining chair or end table you’ve always wanted.

Not only can you keep your floor space consumption of cat furniture to a minimum, you can give your cats one of the tallest pet supply climbing structures available.

If you or someone you know is the slightest bit handy around the house, you can literally save hundreds of dollars by putting together our cat stairs. Some cat stairs and condos cost up to $350. Do it yourself and save. We guarantee you will save 25–60% (on cat products of this caliber) on shipping alone. Our feline furniture price includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and nearby Canada. Compare and you will see the cat tree difference.  We also offer financing for individuals with a credit score of 600 or more or if you need help removing pesky collections (like Enhanced Recovery Company) from your report.

Good for You
The Kitty Cat Loft cat stairs are designed to utilize pet owners’ unused wall areas without over-consuming floor space. The cat tree that benefits felines and their owners. Works well over a door or window. Most efficient for apartment-dwelling cats and owners.

Once assembled, let your cats introduce themselves to their new furniture. Then you can sit back and enjoy your kitties enjoying themselves — playing, resting, observing and sleeping on their new carpeted high-rise domain.

Good for Your Cat
Our cat furniture combines carpeted comfort for felines and the beauty of natural wood and a streamlined design for their parents. Veterinary and breeder-approved to be an excellent source of exercise, strengthening felines’ muscles and cardiovascular systems. Excellent for indoor cats.

Animal shelters, such as Fuzzy Friends Rescue and the League For Animal Welfare, use our products. Felines will prefer climbing the Kitty Cat Loft over your drapes.

The unique patented design (with large carpeted stair treads) allows kittens to full-grown cats (clawed, de-clawed or elderly) to safely climb to one of the highest feline domains available. The Kitty Cat Loft works well for all age felines and will never be outgrown.

Patented Quality Craftsmanship
Over 90% of the cat furniture market consists of different shaped structures wrapped with carpeting or sisal rope. Hardly any hold a patent on their product. We do! We do not use cardboard, secondary or recycled building products. In your information gathering, you will find our pet furniture is unlike all others.

High-Quality Wood
The Kitty Cat Loft and cat stairs are constructed of North American hardwood, not plastic, cardboard or man-made products. All wood parts are cabinet-grade solid and plywood, plywood being the strongest (and most expensive) sheet material in the lumber classification, as opposed to particle board, composition, oriented strand board (osb), wafer board, etc. and can be stained or painted to match your decor. It also looks great left unfinished.

Thick Pile Carpet
We have chosen the thickest, highest pile marine-backed carpet. Felines love it and it is very durable. The loft carpet is easily removed for cleaning. We purchase carpet from only two mills in Georgia (the carpet capital). They must meet our strongest criteria: quality, consistency and durability.

Please visit our background page to see our longstanding experience. Our founder and president has over 25 years’ experience as a carpenter / cabinet maker. You will not find our pet products in any discounted pet supply store.

More Advantages
Great for Types of Kitties
Most high-rise feline furniture will have a limited number of tiers or platforms. This is to prevent the object from being top-heavy, reducing materials, weight, shipping prices and overall cost. It’s also to keep the item from being priced out of the market.

These products mostly cater to fully clawed cats. What about de-clawed felines? FACT: Cats’ claws are hooked back. This is great for climbing up but does not work as well climbing down. (Squirrels have excellent claws for climbing up and down.)

Our patented product alleviates all these concerns and is made for all felines — from kittens up to full grown and even senior cats, clawed or de-clawed!