Our Clients on the Kitty Cat Loft Cat Staircase

My son put up the loft last weekend for me and my inside cat loves it. She leaps up and down it like it's an imaginary jungle! My inside/outside Tom is more earthbound but warming up to it. The loft is really an ingenious design that fulfills the cat's need in an economy of space. The instructions are excellent.

— Kathy W.


   Dear Iroquois,

I bought one of your lofts a few months ago for my two elderly cats, Pearly (16 year old black female) and Conway (18 year old dark brown tabby male). Obviously, cats that age have a hard time getting up and down traditional cat trees. Enclosed are some pictures that show what your Loft can do for elderly cats. I installed it in my bedroom, to provide a quiet resting place for the cats. Elderly cats sleep a lot, after all. And they seem to like being seven feet off the floor and looking down at me in my bed. Their look of smug superiority says it all. Of course, you are invited to publish these pictures on your website. I am always short of money (oh those vet bills for senior cats!) but when I can afford it, I intend to buy a second loft.

— Your Friend, Eunuch A.


Hello, The cat tree arrived on time. By the way, it was packed very well. I left it natural. Just sealed it. It looks beautiful. A friend and his father put it up two weeks ago. It only took them about 1-1/2 hours. 2-year old Jack Pumpkin climbed the spiral steps right away. 1-year old Mika the Wondergirl ignored it for about 4–5 days. Now, both are using it all the time. They love it. They get on top of the condo to get the best view.

Jack is over 20 lbs. He's now making a run and taking the steps two at a time. Hope the tree can take it, ha-ha. I've sent the link to your website to a few friends with cats. They thought it was a WOW. Hope you get some business from them. If I didn't have a full-time job right now, I'd ask to be your West Coast distributor, ha-ha. Thank you for dreaming up this wonderful cat product. And for the excellent workmanship.

—Judy K.



Hello Richard,

I wanted to let you know how much my cats love the cat loft!! Dunkin (the orange cat) jumped up onto the shelf before I even had the stairs up!! (he did it from the TV stand). It took Mellie (the gray cay) a bit longer to try it but once she did, that was it! Great design and easy to put together once I stopped trying to make it out to be so difficult :0) I also appreciate how you followed through on calling me back on the questions I had. GREAT customer service. I included a few pics — please feel free to use. Much thanks again.

— Irene G.


Thank you so very much for your generous donation of the Cat Loft to the kitties at Feline Protection & Welfare. As you can see from the photo, it is a huge success. The cats LOVE it. I am going to make my husband extend the shelf on top to the left, thus doubling the room. There are always kitties on it. I mentioned it on my cat list, CyberKat. Everyone that has seen it thinks it is great. I hope you enjoy the photo. It shows just how much the cats love their kitty loft. Again, sincere THANKS. You made a lot of foster kitties happy this holiday!

— Jamie L., Feline Protection & Welfare


 My 5 month old "Winter" took to the loft right away. That's where she sleeps all the time now, which I'm not sure I like because she won't sleep with me anymore! It's installed next to my bed — maybe she likes being the "king of the mountain" and looking down on me while I sleep. She also loves sitting on the spiral stairs to look out the window from different heights. I've attached some pictures.

— Sincerely, Judy K.


Thanks… This is great, the cats love It!!! I took the attached picture about 30 seconds after I finished installing. Now to get the matching pillow!!! Feel free to use my letter and pic. Thanks again… (The pillow is great too!!!)

— Boe


 My wife and I purchased a "Tree House" from your company last December and I am sending a photo of Clancy, our Maine Coon, who thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can't say enough both about the construction and just the pure delight Clancy has being able to look down on his Domain and Staff. Thank you again.

—Ron & Karen T.


It was an absolute pleasure purchasing this product from you. It is such fine workmanship. Already fully assembled and kitty acclimated, my little feline is loving her new little "jungle jim" and hideaway. It is also a stunning addition to the living room, where she joins us every evening in her own special place.

— Thanks again, Marcia S.


About a month ago, I purchased a Kitty Cat Loft and Penthouse. My two furry friends are enjoying every minute of it. As you can see in one of the pictures, Eric is inside the penthouse relaxing while Ethan is hanging around the spiral stairs. Both spend a lot of time on the loft. They also sleep on the loft instead of my sofa. I am very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship.

— Irene D.


I've meant to tell you how much I appreciated your fine product and wonderful service. My cats tend to be a pretty lazy bunch but the oldest, 14 year old Guiness, is the athlete of the group and loves the loft. I don't know if she keeps the others out or what but she's enjoyed it enough for everyone. I heartily endorse your product for its quality and ease of installation. Guiness cat thanks you, too.

— Charlotte S.


We bought one of your perches a couple of months ago and the cats love it and the spiral staircase. I just wanted to tell you something you'll find funny and perhaps heart-warming. I'm a registered engineer. So when I got your box with all the parts and instructions, I studied it intensely and decided that you were all wet and I needed to change this, move that, add something, leave out four parts and voila, a better cat perch — which the cats refused to have anything to do with. So I studied the situation. I picked up cats and put them on the steps and coaxed them to go up and go down. Every move and nuance did I study until I really did understand how cats use stairs.

Then I took the whole thing apart and put it back together according to your original instructions. I didn't even get to step back and admire my work before they had raced up the stairs and were meowing down at me. You were right, and I was wrong. Your design was PERFECT. You can tell them it's been approved by a registered engineer.

— Steve C., PE


 I have the Kitty Cat Loft and Penthouse in my mobile home. I had to modify it a little to fit my place but it was well worth it. My cat loves the Kitty Cat Loft. She plays and sleeps on the Loft all the time. It's great entertainment for both of us.

— Nicole M.


I am very happy with the Kitty Cat Loft. I have a young cat. She loves to climb on it while I'm trying to get her. She goes to sleep on the top of it every night. But at first, when we first got it, she would not go near it until I put her on the top. That just did it from there. I play with her climbing all over it every day or when I am home. It is wonderful. I think everyone should have one if they have a cat in their home. It's easy to put together unlike some things you get for your cats. It has step-by-step instructions so you can't mess up. Thanks.

— Marcie A.


It really works! My husband put the Kitty-Cat Loft in our living room. With our two energetic youngsters, our cat (Natasha) does not hesitate to climb it and go in her penthouse to relax! Thank You.

— Janice & Jim G.


I have bought two "kitty lofts" in the past year and I cannot recommend enough how absolutely wonderful they are. My feline companions (seven very picky beings) are thrilled with them. They spend numerous hours perched in them surveying the world and relaxing in "kitty loft-heaven." The convenience of the kitty loft taking up practically no space is truly wonderful. In addition, they are very durable. I have a couple of very rowdy cats that love to run up and down the kitty loft's steps and it has withstood all of this very well.

— Beatrice W.


Just to let you know that they all love it now. In fact, one of my cats doesn't sleep on the bed anymore — she stays in there. And she is either in the penthouse or sitting on top of it, so she gets a good view of everything. So it has been renamed Patsy's apartment. Thank you — you have five satisfied customers here.

— Maggie


Thanks for your great product. It is well made and very attractive. I finally got it put up Saturday. A.J. and Sara Beth (my cats) are still trying to figure it out.

— Cherlynn


Just wanted to let you know that Mia and Xuxa (our cats) love their new loft. Here are some pictures of them in action. I'm thinking about painting the rest of it in white since it looks pretty good on the penthouse. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful invention!

— Alessandra P.


  Here are some photos of the cats enjoying your product. Feel free to use them for advertising if you want. I can send you more. Let me know. Charity will go up there to sleep when I am in the living room (that's the cat that spent the first month under my bed). She is still very shy and doesn't come out if anyone is here or dives under the furniture if the dog barks.

— Elana S.

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